Paola Scoppettuolo

Best Italian “Dance Theater” Coreographer

(XVI Edition - 2016)
Best Italian Coreographer for Contemporary Dance

• Education and training

While she was at her lyceum she also attended the Tersicorea courses for ballet dancers at the National Academy of Ballet until the age of 21.
Next she enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy at the "Tor Vergata" University of Rome where, in December 1992, she was awarded a degree in Philosophy with the grade 110/110 with distinction.
From 1992 till the present, she has been developing her dance skills by attending master classes at the Alvin Alley Center and Steps in New York with illustrious teachers like Max Stone and Moses Pendleton, as well as international workshops such as the one in Chateauroux in France, which deepened her understanding of Modern Jazz and Contemporary Dance.
At present she continues her training in contemporary technique and regularly attends choreography workshops on Contact and Improvisation both in Italy and abroad, while, at the same time, keeping up her ballet technique by regular study. Her attention is addressed in particular to experimenting with new techniques and new styles in an international context. In 2002 she was awarded the Diploma in Training and Development of Modern and Contemporary Choreography by the Mimma Testa Dance Centre.


• Work experience and choreograpy activities

During her university years, from 1987 to 1991, she taught ballet and jazz dance in the city council's sports centre "Città Futura" and dance in Elsa Piperno's Dance Theatre Company.
During 1991 she left the "Città Futura" sports centre, opened her own dance school and started successfully taking part in various Italian contests such as "Agon" in Turin and "Infiorata d'oro" in Genzano.In 1994 she founded the Cultural and Sports Association "La Piroetta" of which she is currently president as well asDirector of the school of the same name in Viale L. da Vinci 307.
The school organises a series of external events such as the annual end-of-year performances, participation in the "Estate Romana" at Tor Vergata and "Ballando Ballando" in Villa Lazzaroni, participation in the "Danzasì" national contests (finalist in 2000 and 2001), "Danzare" in 1995 and 1996, "Estate Romana" ("Invito alla Lettura" in Castel Sant'Angelo), participation in famous shows like "Volere Ballare" (for 4 editions), the world dance and choreography show on Sacred Themes, participation in the World Youth Day in 2000 and the regular organisation of workshops with teachers such as Vinicio Mainini and Bruno Agati.

In 1998 on founding The Aleph Company she started work of choreography direction at a professional level. Moving ever in the field of research into dancing gestures and ranging from neo-classical, contemporary and dancetheatre, she realized twelve thematic performances:
“Percorsi” (1998), “Strade“ (1999), “Odissea” (2000), ”Stati di natura” (2001), ”Labirinti” (2002), ”Frammenti di senso” (2003), “Dualismi della passione” (2004), ”Orfeo. La verità ed il suo doppio” (2005), ”Storie di donne tra mito e realtà” (2006), “La carne ed il corpo sacro” (2006), "Corporei Silenzi" (2007), "Congiungimenti" (2008), “Pietre“ (2009), "Spleen" (2010) e "Incommunicado" (2011), "Voci - medea" (2012), "Assenza"  (2013\14), "The Wait" (2014), "Giornata Qualunque - an ordinary day" (2015), “Soliloquio2023” (2016).

In 2004 she received the contribution for activities of dance production from the Ministry of Culture.

At the same time as her work in artistic direction and choreographer for the company Aleph, she carried out on a regular basis the activity of ballet, professional contemporary and choreographic workshop teaching in "La Piroetta" Dance School. She is frequently invited to hold Master Classes at the I.A.L.S., A.N.D. and at the Teatro Greco in Rome, etc..

She has taught at workshops in various places in Italy: at Maratea (New dance languages), Benevento (International Festival), Latina (Figures in the wind), Gallarate (inauguration od the Teatro del Popolo).

Internationally she has run workshops in Stockholm at the Italian Institute of Culture "C.M. Lerici", in New York at the "Ballet Arts" school and at the "Joyce Theatre".
In her dance teaching and promulgation and choreography as culture, art and thought she has worked as guest teacher in seminars at the state school Liceo "B. Pascal" at Pomezia and at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata".
At present she has set up in her school a C. A. P. (initial training course for professionals), completely self-financed, which allows pupils from all over Italy to study free and daily with various teachers, including Paola Scoppettuolo herself.
She is often invited as a jury member at international competitions such as the Bari Ballet International Competition “Domenico Modugno”, together with some of the most important dance personalities like Carla Fracci and Nina Ananiashvili.